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December 31, 2005

WOW! The Kitchen

Just before Christmas Ed did the floor in the Kitchen. It is a really neat design. A Dark green border with Cream colored tile around the main body, with a box of terra cotta colored tile with green tiles placed on point. I love it.
http://neverdone.fibergeek.com/img/House%20122505%20011-thumb.jpg http://neverdone.fibergeek.com/img/House%20122505%20013-thumb.jpg http://neverdone.fibergeek.com/img/House%20122505%20019-thumb.jpg

http://neverdone.fibergeek.com/img/Detail%20Kitchen%20Floor014-thumb.JPG http://neverdone.fibergeek.com/img/Kitchen%20Floor013-thumb.JPG

Monica and Marc were home for the holidays. Marc and Nathan came out and helped move the stove into the house and set it in position. I love the look, I just wish that I enjoyed cooking. Oh well, Monica says she will enjoy it when she is home and cooking.
http://neverdone.fibergeek.com/img/House%20122505%20022-thumb.jpg http://neverdone.fibergeek.com/img/House%20122505%20025-thumb.jpg http://neverdone.fibergeek.com/img/Stove012-thumb.JPG