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June 20, 2007

Moved to the outside for a while.

Ed pulled off the kitchen for a while. The weather has been perfect & we decided to get the front of the house done. Our weather has been so rainy this spring that it was easy to work on the interior. Now that Mother Nature is cooperating the outside will be finished. Ed should be able to get all the siding on by the middle of this week. Yippee!

Ed said that the only thing holding up the finish on the front was making the decision on how to trim out the half round and oval window. Well he figured that out & now the windows are done, or pretty much done.

June 17, 2007

Kitchen is getting close to done!

It has taken quite a while, but . . . . we will be able to use the kitchen (as it was intended to be used) very soon. The only thing missing right now are the countertops, drawer and doors. I figure we can get by without drawer & doors but we will have to wait for the counter tops before we can move in. Water it on, just no hot water yet. We ran out of propane in the house tank. The "summer" fill should be done soon. So we can hook up the hot water after that.

If it's not one thing, it's another.

After Ed got the kitchen so far along we decided that the back hallway should be finished. It was a relatively easy job and once that is done we can move a few things out of the trailer & into the house. We are desperately close to overflow in the little trailer. It doesn't help that I keep bringing stuff into the trailer that I plan to work on. This place just doesn't fit with my "do a little bit of everything" attitude. I have way too many projects that have been started but never finished. Not enough time, energy, space whatever.

Anyway, the back hall and pantry are ready to use. I have begun the big move, one small step at a time.