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Sampson in December 2005.

Monica thinks we need to include some quality pictures of our newest addition. At Christmas the kids, Marc & Monica gave Ed a puppy (Samson) as his Christmas gift.

Pretty gutsy of them considering that the one and only dog we had prior to this was an Irish Setter. She lived with us for about a week, 10 pairs of shoes, inumerable treasures chewed and then we found her another home on a farm. Both Ed and I decided that we would not have a dog that had to be left home alone all day. Now, since Ed quit his job in June I guess it must be time. Here are some snapshots of our Handsome Samson.
http://neverdone.fibergeek.com/img/EdOscarSamson002-thumb.JPG http://neverdone.fibergeek.com/img/Picture%20001-thumb.jpg http://neverdone.fibergeek.com/img/Picture%20002-thumb.jpg
You can see that Sampson and two of our Cats, Oscar and Tubby have become tolerant of each other.

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