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Moving to the Inside Now

Well, we do live in Montana and it's getting late in the year. We have moved inside now. We will be trying to get the house to the point where we can finally move in. We have been painting doors. I started priming the doors and Ed finish the primer. Now he has sanded them down and I am ready to start putting on the final coat.
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Next project will be to get the water turned on and then get the bathroom and kitchen set up. Still don't know for sure when we will be able to move in but every step we take will be one step closer to our goal.


Carly just told me about your blog. The house is going to be beautiful. I hope you are all well.

Cheryll and Family

My God,Patty - you are still at it?! I'd be a raving lunatic by now..oh- I am a raving lunatic anyway. It looks lovely! Let us know when you are ready for company. Wanna come remodel my 1930 mess when you finish?

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