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I-Beam Saga

Ed did some shopping for an I-Beam needed for the new barn. The beam needs to be about 21’ 7” and the beams only come 20’. He was going to have to buy 2 beams & have them welded together & then cut off the excess. This process was going to cost us about $700. Earlier this year Ed had gone up into the attic of the yellow barn (Setting up a place for the cats to get out of the cold) and saw an I-Beam. He went up again to double check the size, it is 23’. The yellow barn will be torn down as soon as the new barn is up and closed in. What to do with the beam. Hmm. Since we have to take it down eventually anyway, why not use it instead of spending the money.

It was nerve wracking watching him take it down, but the beam is now safely installed at its new home in the barn.