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Doors are a good thing

Ed has started putting in our interior doors. They look great. A soon as he is done installing we can begin to paint. Our colors were taken directly form Sherwin Williams. Devon Cream for most of the interior trim. I'm really looking forward to the time when they are painted. Although the do look nice even unfinished. I hope to be able to do some painting on them soon. http://neverdone.fibergeek.com/img/Parlor%20Doors08-thumb.JPGhttp://neverdone.fibergeek.com/img/Parlor%20Doors006-thumb.JPG


I haven't been working much on the house lately. Ed is here during the days so we don't have to dedicate every evening & weekend to working. Sometimes I miss it. But, it is nice to be able to go out & do things together too. We have been antique shopping. Hoping to find another dresser to use for bathroom vanity.


Looks great Patty! Wanna come refurbish my 1920s wreck of a house??-kp

Patty and Ed, I love it. You guys are doing a great job on your new home. I can only say "I wish I had the skills to do some of the jobs you guys are doing." I am green with envy. I will check back in a couple of weeks, I want to see the end results.
Velma Smith(Ft Worth,Texas)

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