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East Gable End

This is the project that Ed has been working on so diligently lately. We now have one of the gable ends almost completed. They are all going to look spectacular. I know it's been a while since I last posted, I'm a terrible person (well maybe not a terrible person, just a terrible blogger). We took a week off and went to California to visit Monica and Marc. Had to see what type of house they bought. Now that's another story. You can read all about that on Monica's site bungalowdreams.fibergeek.com.

Any way. Here are the latest pictures of the front of the house. Check out the scaffold that Ed made to be able to reach the high peaks.
http://neverdone.fibergeek.com/img/Scaffold%20and%20East%20Gable11-thumb.JPG http://neverdone.fibergeek.com/img/Shingles%20on%20East%20Gable%20End_9-thumb.JPG

http://neverdone.fibergeek.com/img/Front%20Scaffold%20for%20Gable%20End%20009-thumb.jpg http://neverdone.fibergeek.com/img/Fan%20Pattern%20on%20East13-thumb.JPG

I worry about having him working up so high without anybody there to catch him if he falls. But, he says that there is just as big a problem with working on the ground as up high. He is always more careful when he works up high. I'm just glad he doesn't expect me to climb up there. I don't do high very well.

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